I have been teaching high school maths for 25 years.  I still enjoy going into work each day, I love teaching and I love and respect the wonderful colleagues and students with whom it is my privilege to work.

However, we are all working within an education system which, instead of being focused on facilitating the development of rounded human beings, is instead geared towards servicing the interests of capital, in particular by churning out suitably pacified employees for business.

Of course, teachers have agency – we are not passive robots serving up that which our political and economic masters demand.  But with each passing year our capacity to control our own working lives is being diminished as more and more power passes to the political centre and to the corporations that run our economy.

This current coalition government is relentlessly driving forward the academisation and privatisation of education. Local authorities are being ruthlessly disempowered and broken up.

While of course we try to resist this abandonment of local democracy, it is nevertheless happening despite our wishes.  We cannot turn the clock back and can only look forward.  If and when we are eventually successful in defeating the privatisation process, what sort of education system would we want to replace it with?  Would we want to return to the local authority system that has been supplanted or could we aspire to something better?  The aim of this blog is to promote a discussion on this very question.


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